Best Obituary Templates

By | October 18, 2017

How to write an obituary?

Writing an obituary is a necessary and very trying task that happens at one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. It is hard to focus and think of the right things to say at a time of such grief, and yet this task, that seems simple when you look at a newspaper obituary, is much more tedious when you are in a situation of writing an obituary for someone you deeply loved.

An obituary contains many things in itself connected to person you knew such as a short story of a person’s life, attitude of relatives and close people, gratitude, his values, death notice. Other words it is brief memory of died person’s life in one obituary.

There are many things to consider. At first step of writing an obituary is preparation mostly emotional and pondering. The preparation make you mention thing what you want to say in the obituary.  The purpose is to help you get the necessary work done but be able to feel comforted during the time of grief. May this booklet serve its purpose well and may you and the family find comfort soon.

Various formats of an obituary template?

Traditionally, there are two most common types of obituaries and these are a short obituary as well as a longer obituary. These are the two main formats used when creating an obituary and they are the main formats in newspapers, etc.

The short, concise obituary is just what it says – short and concise. It does not give the information regarding the cause of the individual’s death, family members left behind, their jobs, achievements and other things about them.

The longer one (detailed) obituary type crates a life picture of the individual. This may take several paragraphs to complete.

Obituary Templates

Obituary Templates

Common elements of an obituary template?

Typical formats and obituary template get a possibility to create own obituary according to correct formation that might certainly help you.

This list of detailed prescription contains essential elements in an obituary template:

  1. Announcement of deceased providing with the name, age, place of living and some announcements about the facts of death happening.
  2. Biographical data
  3. Family and relations (members, marriage, dates)
  4. Memorials: date, address, time of commemoration ceremony
  5. Final considerations like message or memory honor.
  6. Photo
Obituary Templates

Obituary Templates

Sample of an obituary template?

Here is the most ordinary short obituary template:

JOHN TOPHSON, 72, of Liverpool, died May 31th, 2016. Son of Jack and Lily Tomson, loving husband of Rudy Tomson, died in his home in Liverpool, by the cause of heart attack. John worked in big oil company, had a lot of achievements and merits. He also loved very much son, daughter and two young grandsons. The ceremony will be June 2nd at Tomson’s home at 1pm.