Best Website Templates

By | October 25, 2017

Why to have a website?

There are various ways of communication between the manufacturer and the consumer – traditional media, television, radio, outdoor advertising and the design of points of sale. The only and primary task of all these ways is to get the attention of a potential consumer and try to encourage him to take the necessary action (buy, order, try, etc.)

The website is the most modern and effective way of communication with a potential consumer. Only the possibilities of the Internet site make it possible to make full use of all means of conveying the information message to the user.

Best Website Templates

Best Website Templates

Internet sites are made for the following tasks:

  • Establishing relationships with new and existing partners of the company
  • Automate business processes, improve the speed of customer service
  • Information services and representation purposes
  • Interactive sales of services and products through the Internet
  • Organization of product catalogs in order to familiarize them with a wide audience
  • Support for promotions held outside the Internet
  • Attraction of new clients

This, of course, is not a complete list of tasks that a properly designed website can and should solve. So, for these and other purposes, you should get a website.

Best Website Templates

Best Website Templates

Why to use templates for websites?

Templates are in all areas of our lives nowadays. One of the ways of creating outstanding websites is using templates.

A template for a website can be thought of as a skeleton to make your website easily. A website template looks just as the normal website, the only difference is that you can edit it and change everything with your own content.

What are the advantages of website templates?

  • Reduce of cost

Creative websites require significant financial costs. Sometimes the cost of just developing the original design of a web resource can reach the price necessary for all its subsequent creation.

Best Website Templates

Best Website Templates

  • Saving time

Time is very precious. Instead of spending too much time on the design of the website, you can use a template and have more time to concentrate on the content.

  • Lots of choices

If you start thinking of design of your website, you’ll only come up with one or two ideas. Templates, on the other hand, give you plenty of different choices.

  • Functionality

Professional templates will come to you with necessary pages like ‘Home’, ‘Contacts’, ‘About Us’ and etc.

  • No need for special coding skills

Creating a website requires a good coding knowledge with coding languages. This is not the case with templates.

There are a lot of website templates that allow you to make a choice and save money on web development.  They also save you a lot of time you would spend on making one.

Best Website Templates

Best Website Templates


After you decide to use the template for your website, the next step is to personalize it. You can use different platforms for this purpose, so we’ll talk about in general. For customizing the template and making a good website, follow the step below.

  • STEP 1.
  • Decide on what kind of website you want to create
  • Decide on topic of your website
  • Sign up on the website you are going to use the template of
Best Website Templates

Best Website Templates

  • STEP 2.
  • Add a good video or photo background to grab attention of the visitor from the first time
  • Move around the boxes in your template that are not suitable for your content
  • Replace the text with your own content
  • STEP 3.
  • Add any images you want, resize, crop, adjust them.
  • Check if there is anything you have to add or edit
  • Go ahead and save your website

There are many platforms to help you with this process. Some of them are Weebly, Wix, Shopify, WordPress and etc.

Best Website Templates

Best Website Templates

BEST website templates

There are many websites offering you free website template options and here is just some of them:

  1. Template Monster –
  2. –
  3. Theme Forest –
  4. Free Website Templates –
  5. SquareSpace –
  6. Creative Market –
  7. OS Templates –
  8. Pinterest –
  9. Free Web Templates –
  10. Start Bootstrap – .

You may use these and other website templates for creating a wonderful website and improving your business!