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Birthday Card Template



Unfortunately, the birthday is only once a year. Regret, of course, is present, but you can make this day so unforgettable that you will have enough bright emotions for a whole year ahead.

As has long been known, the main thing is not a gift, but attention, so it is the attention should be decorated with the holiday of the originator of the celebration!

A great way to express your appreciation and respect is a lovely birthday card.  Agree, it’s nice to receive birthday greetings with nice pictures from a person who is far away, but remembers about your birthday!

Birthday Card Template
Birthday Card Template


Usually congratulations, especially on Happy Birthday, consist of such sections: appeal to the jubilee, indication of the celebration with which they congratulate, kind wishes and parting words and signatures. All these sections must be appropriately emotionally covered.

Any postcard begins with a reference to the addressee. If you write to relatives, close friends or acquaintances, start with the words “loved one”, “dear one”. If the person to whom the postcard is addressed, the person is more formal, it will be appropriate to appeal “dear”, “respected”. In rare cases, you can apply a fairly old treatment, “Hon.”

Birthday Card Template
Birthday Card Template

When you are completely focused on the individual message, try to find the words yourself. Use the most valuable and kind epithets that characterize a birthday person, important and necessary to him wishes. The whole text should speak about the genuineness of your feelings towards the addressee.

Of course, when writing postcards, you should take into account the age, gender and marital status of the birthday person. Do not use words or wishes that might offend him/her.

Birthday Card Template
Birthday Card Template

Why to use birthday card templates?

Show originality on the birthday of your friend or loved one by sending him/her a beautiful postcard. But not even a postcard, but with beautiful wishes that will touch the soul of any person.

You can use the templates if you want to take it to the new level.

We want to make you sure that especially for those who do not have time to write congratulatory cards and search for pictures, templates work just great. All you have to do is to make a difficult choice, because there is a huge amount of birthday card templates available online. But whatever you choose, the birthday person will be pleased with such a surprise.

Birthday Card Template
Birthday Card Template


Down below we found and shared the websites that offer plenty of free and different types of birthday card templates for different people. Here they are:

  1. Canva –
  2. Greetings Island –
  3. Brother –
  4. Microsoft Office –
  5. Freepik –
  6. PsPrint –
  7. Pinterest –
  8. All Free Designs –
  9. Xerox –
  10. Net –

We hope you liked the article! If you want to congratulate your beloved ones on their favorite day, use a birthday card template and fill it with great words!

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