Business Letter Templates

By | November 2, 2017


  • A business letter is an official document of business written communication. Drawing up the text of a business letter is a very important and responsible matter, because the message will be perceived for the fate of business, partnerships, investments, etc.

A business letter is capable of both establishing a positive attitude of the two sides and destroying them. Therefore, drawing up a business letter is given great attention.

Business Letter Templates

Business Letter Templates


  • A Reminder Letter

Such a letter is sent to the addressee in cases when it is not possible to achieve a timely result as a result of telephone conversations or personal contacts. The purpose of the letter is to tactfully remind the addressee of the obligations undertaken by him and the timing of their implementation. Only under extreme circumstances can one hint at sanctions. Which can subsequently arise.


  • A Rejection Letter

This letter contains the answer to the claim of the client or partner. At the beginning of the letter should be a neutral comment, which lists what you agree with, then the reasons for the refusal. The end of the letter should be positive, despite the fact that you did not satisfy the claim. Mention the readiness for further cooperation.


  • An Apology Letter

There are situations when you have to write a letter – an apology, for some reason. Usually it contains a statement of the reasons why something did not take place, a meeting, a conference, or you were not present at some important event.

Business Letter Templates

Business Letter Templates

  • A Request Letter

It is formulated clearly and briefly. If there is an explanation for the request, then they should be stated as concisely as possible. Be sure to underline your personal interest and thank you for your request.


  • Letter of Guarantee

Contains a specific type of operation that is worth making. The end of the letter guarantees payment and indicates the bank details. Has two signatures, the head and the chief accountant


  • A Notification Letter

This letter is sent as a gesture of courtesy or as a specific information message. Under such a letter, it is enough to sign the secretary or the referent.


  • A Confirmation Letter

More often than not, it is a confirmation of previous guarantees and promises. Such a letter performs not so much a legal function. More moral. Expresses a willingness to support the offer of the addressee. Or confirmation of timely receipt of documents.

Business Letter Templates

Business Letter Templates



  • The text of the letter should not allow for several interpretations. The official language should be distinguished by the precision and beauty of the mathematical formula.


  • Hence the general requirements for the text of a business letter: brevity, clarity and accuracy of presentation.


  • The text should be spelled out correctly in accordance with the current rules of spelling and punctuation, in the formal-business style.


  • In the official letter it is necessary to state clearly and briefly the essence of the matter, observing the neutrality of tone.


  • It is recommended to write business letters only for one issue. When composing a letter, you must first “sketch out” the logical scheme of its content. As an analogue, you can use business letter templateS already available.
Business Letter Templates

Business Letter Templates


There are very different types of business letters and all of them follow different rules when writing. You can’t learn writing rules for all the types. But what you can do fort he structure, is to use business letter templates. They will teach you how to write the letter in order one by one, and by such a guidiness will not let you make any mistakes on sthe fromat and structure of the document.

Business Letter Templates

Business Letter Templates

Down below you can find the websites with business letter templates. And all of them are free!


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Get the business letter templates now, and start writing your letter from scratch!