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Free Letter Templates


What is a letter?

A Letter represents one of the way of nonverbal communication and appears in a massage form. It lets people exchange the information even be far from the opponent. Due to modern devices and inventions, it becomes possible to send a letter immediately via the internet by email.

Purpose and spreading of a letter

Mailing a letter cover almost every sphere of the life. It exists in each level of people’s cooperation and communication. In personal relationships, it is an alternative way of being on short terms, anytime and from anywhere. In business, it is an essential way on documentary exchanging and business connections, the same in government and public organizations that make cooperation possible.

Free Letter Templates
Free Letter Templates

Content features and templates

In information world among different ways of communication, we can also face a variety of letter formats and templates to them.  Before asking how to mail a letter, you need to take into account what features and points common letter include. They are:

  1. Contact information
  2. Greeting (salutation)
  3. Information
  4. Closing
  5. Signature

Look more detailed. The subject line or theme might exist in email sending. Briefly, in several words you determine the idea or purpose of the email. For example, it can be: ‘’Subject: Invitation to the meeting”.

Free Letter Templates
Free Letter Templates

In the contact information point, you are asked to denote the information on ‘’who you are”, ‘’from where you are” and ‘’ways to connect to you’’ (full name, address, postcode, phone number, email address). All these things provide to the addressee feedback by dint of he will be able to respond to you. Contact information is located at the top of the letter. If to speak about emails, you will write down the contact information at the bottom after signature providing with your name.

Then write the salutation using ‘’Dear’’ followed by the addressee name, relation degree or position.

Writing the main information of the letter can be divided in two part: introduction and purpose of the letter. Introduction mostly include heartwarming phrases explaining attitude to the addressee such as ‘’I am so happy to write you once more’’. After that explain why you are writing. Next information include mainly the reason or purpose or the information you want to share with the addressee. It can contain two or three paragraphs; some cases allow to be shorter or longer.

End the letter by short closing that shows gratitude and respect. There are variety of phrases and words, most common are ‘’Sincerely’’, ‘’Best regards’’, etc.

Finish the letter with signature, add contact information if it necessary.

Free Letter Templates
Free Letter Templates

Ways of mailing a letter

Among the ways and possibilities on how to mail a letter the most ordinary are email or by post. The main differences between them are time and security. And you can see that email is faster than post letter but by the other hand it is might be cracked by hacker.

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