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Keywords for Resume


What are the keywords for a resume?

It’s no secret that when large companies submit an announcement about the vacancy that opens, the flow of those wishing to this post may exceed the mark of several tens, and sometimes hundreds of people.

It is very difficult to view such a summary of the resume by hand, so very often companies at the first stage of selection use special software to automatically search for interesting resume by keywords. Sending your resume, you can expect that it will be read by a real person only if it passes a “keyword test” and will occupy a high enough place in the ranking among other CVs. Accordingly, it is crucial to learn how to include effectively include keywords in your resume.

Keywords for Resume
Keywords for Resume

How do keywords for resume influence its choice?

  • One correctly matched keyword can give a broad idea of ​​you as a specialist in a certain field. For example, when a potential employer sees the keyword as a “successful sale” in the resume, he concludes that you have experience in developing a new business, presenting a product or service, negotiating, closing sales, developing customer relationships, presenting, and advertising a new product etc.
  • Therefore, even one word that most characterizes your skills and previous work experience can serve as a powerful tool for forming an employer’s view of your candidacy.
  • It is on the keywords that are specific to a particular industry and position that the employer’s resume search is based on relevant databases. In order to save time, almost all employers are looking for suitable candidates by typing in the search string the keywords corresponding to this position.
  • Therefore, to increase the chances of your resume to be found by an “ideal” employer, first, make sure to use keywords, and secondly, to ensure that your email does not come with a lot of completely unsuitable proposals for you, use a small amount of only the most appropriate Position of words.
Keywords for Resume
Keywords for Resume

What keywords for resume should you include?

In order to correctly choose the most suitable keywords for resume, start by studying the descriptions of real vacancies. And then draw up your resume based on the requirements and responsibilities specified in these examples.

Learn current announcements about open positions that suit your wishes for future work. Extract from them the most frequently repeated keywords: specialized skills for the industry, abbreviations, specific terminology, certificates, product names, computer programs, technical experience, knowledge level, required personal qualities, company names, etc. Search for keywords can be in the headings of vacancies, in the requirements for candidates.

Keywords for Resume
Keywords for Resume

How and where to use keywords for resume?

  • In the list of key skills related to the desired position.
  • In describing your previous work experience
  • You can organize a list of keywords for resume in a separate section, calling it, for example, “Specialized knowledge”
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