What is a Certificate Template?

By | October 29, 2017


A certificate is a document confirming the identity of its bearer, as well as the existence of any property or other rights.

The main purpose of certificates is documentary confirmation of the authenticity of any product and / or possession of a certificate holder by this product.

Certificates can be both paper and electronic. On the Internet, certificates are issued not only to individuals, but also to companies owning websites, in order to confirm the belonging of the site of this company. Such electronic documents are made out in the form of encrypted sets of symbols, called SSL-certificates.

Certificate Template

Certificate Template


Using a certificate template is a beneficial way to make a certificate of any type without the knowledge of making it.

They will save you a lot of time and give you plenty of choices according to its design.

If you decide to use a certificate template for saving time, you can find lots of them on the Internet.

We will give you the websites that offer creative and outstanding at the end of this article. But in case you want it because you do not know how to make it yourself, and you would rather learn making it, keep reading.

Certificate Template

Certificate Template


Let’s see on step by step how to create a certificate template.


  • Open your Word Document.

As a first thing to do, you need to set the size and margins of our template.

  • Go to ‘Page Layout’
  • choose ‘Orientation’
  • Click on the ‘Landscape’ form.

To set the size of the document,

  • go to ‘Insert’ tab again,
  • choose ‘Size’ from Page Setup part.
  • Click on the ‘Letter’ form.

As a next step, to set the margins,

  • click on Margins, which is also in ‘Page Setup’ part.
  • Choose ‘Custom Margins’. Make any size changes you want in the popped up dialog box, and click OK.
Certificate Template

Certificate Template


Now it’s time to type in the content.

  • First, at the top, type in the country where certificate is going to be given.
  • Next, click enter to go down.
  • Type in ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ or ‘Certificate of Recognition’ depending on the type.
  • Make sure to change the colour, font and font size of this heading, since it is the main part of certificate.
  • Then, down below, using the small font size, type ‘is awarded to’ and leave a space under it to write the name of whom the certificate is awarded to.
  • And under it you are going to write ‘for’ and the reason.
  • At the very end you will have to type in the date and place.
Certificate Template

Certificate Template


Now that you are done with the content, let’s go ahead and add the borders.

  • Go to ‘Page Layout’ tab
  • click on ‘Page Borders’.
  • Choose the border you like from ‘Add’, and change the color of it, if you wish.
  • In case, if you do not like those borders, choose and download one from Internet. Insert that border picture to your document from Insert tab.
  • Right Click on the Picture – Wrap Text – Behind Text.
  • Then change the size of the borders so that your text will completely fill it out.

To save it in a template format, go to File- Save as. Choose the ‘Word template’ from Document Type. Name your document, and you are ready to go!

Certificate Template

Certificate Template


Below are the websites that offer you free and printable certificate templates:

  • Canva – www.canva.com
  • Certificate Street – www.certificatestreet.com
  • Awardbox – www.awardbox.com
  • 123 Certificates. – www.123-certificates.com
  • – www.hloom.com
  • Net. – www.template.net

All you have to do for editing is to replace the content with your own. If editing the certificate template doesn’t require any program, then by clicking on it, deleting the text that is on there and writing your own is the way to change the content.

Or you can just print it and write name of the person that is going to be awarded.

If giving awards are so easy, why not print the certificate template and make a certificate yourself!