Resume Objective Statement

By | May 4, 2017

Resume objective statement that is tailored to a specific industry can be effective for a career fair or networking event when you’re not able to include a cover letter.

In this tutorial we’ll review how to create your objective statement.

Objective and profile statements

  • Profiles – better for applicants with significant, related work experience
  • Both statements appear at the top of the resume

You may also consider using a profile statement although I feel profile statements are better suited to applicants with significant related work experience.

If used both objective statement and profile statements appear at the top of the resume.

Is an objective useful?

  • YES – especially for college students and recent grads
  • The objective clarifies what for position it is you are applying

There is debate among career counselor’s recruiters and hiring managers as to the usefulness of these statements. My personal feeling for college students and recent grads is that objective statements can be very useful.

When you have a lot of work experience your resume demonstrates quite quickly to employers what experience you have to offer. However if you don’t have a lot of related work experience or if you’re changing fields it may be unclear what sort of positions you would be qualified for.

The objective statement therefore gives the reader at a glance clarification as to what positions you’re applying for.

What is an effective objective statement?

  • It should be tailored to a specific audience
  • Emphasize what you have to offer, not what you will get from the employer
  • Acts as a thesis statement
    • The rest of the resume acts to prove your “thesis” statement

An effective objective statement as with the rest of the resume should be tailored. It should also emphasize the skills or experiences that you have to offer the employer not what you hope to get from the employer.

The objective acts as sort of a thesis statement the rest of your resume then acts to prove that you have the skills and experiences that you say you have. If you’re creating a grab-bag resume leave room for an objective statement at the top of the document I’ll leave a link for you that references the article about grab-bag resumes.

Let’s begin creating the objective statement.

It should appear in the actual body of the document as opposed to the header where your contact information appears.

Begin by stating the type of position to which you are applying. If you’re applying for an internship. You can simply say a summer internship. You can be even more specific and state the type of internship to which you are applying such as a summer marketing internship or an archives internship for fall 2016.

Next name the type of employer to which you are applying.

You don’t have to give the employer’s name but simply the type of organization we’re setting. For example; you might say a marketing firm or a theater company or a manufacturing setting or a small community college.

So now you have named the type of position to which are applying and the type of organization. You want to follow that with a list of two or three skills qualities or experiences that you believe qualify you for the position.

Example: you might say we’re strong communication and organizational skills combined with two years of experience supervising children would be assets. As you apply to different positions remember to revise your objective statement as needed.