What is a Timeline Template?

By | October 16, 2017

What is a timeline template?

  • The plan of one’s own life or business plan is always a powerful tool that will allow you to follow the necessary path of movement on the way to the cherished goal.
  • Regardless of which goal you are going to achieve, the plan is what will help you in this matter,


Because: it will allow you to understand and precisely articulate what you want. This is extremely important for choosing a life road or, for example, the direction of the


Business; It will allow you to assess what exactly you need to achieve the desired, since the main goals you will break down into intermediate ones; He will prompt you to indicate the exact timeframe for performing certain tasks, which will serve as an excellent incentive for action.

Timeline Template

Timeline Template

  • Based on this timeline is an excellent tool for creating a plan of any complexity. But in order that you do not have to waste time creating it, because sometimes it’s a fairly time-consuming process, you can use the ready-made timeline template. In fact, it is a ready-made form or list or an image of the frames on the scale, which marks the time steps of each type of work in the project or plan.

Principles of using the timeline template

Thinking about how to plan for a year, for a shorter or longer period of time, you can make it easier for yourself using the timeline template. So, you will know exactly what your ultimate goal is and what you need to do in order to achieve it. From this point of view. Using a ready-made timeline template is certainly useful, because in this case the process of creating a plan does not take much time, and all you need to do is to add your data to the finished form, select the color solution for the template and click the ” Print “or just save this document on your computer.

Timeline Template

Timeline Template

What should include a timeline template?

Template timelines allow you to compile a step-by-step list of desired goals – large, significant, complex. As a result, you will get a kind of guide to action – you will see what you need to do on the way to the task. In addition, the timeline template allows you to adjust the timeline in the process of your movement along the task list, which is certainly very convenient.

The standard structure of the timeline template necessarily includes:

  • Title (project name)
  • A horizontal or vertical scale with dates and periods for each stage of the plan
  • List of stages and comments thereon
Timeline Template

Timeline Template

Where can you find the timeline template?

Since most of the timeline templates are created on the basis of the MS Excel and PowerPoint programs, you can find and download the timeline template on the official Microsoft website. Editing and setting up templates can occur either online or using the specified programs on your computer.

Timeline Template

Timeline Template






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