What is Pro Forma?

By | April 3, 2018

Pro Forma Information

As a word; Pro forma as basically means estimated! In addition to this, also it means pre-prepared and formal. It can be used for the comparison purposes. Especially in financial areas this is very important. You can prepare a table for compare; for example- pf documents for the last three years. It is also used as draft. Especially pf invoice usage is very common. If the PF invoice will be the basis of our explanations we can say that; the most important aim of this invoice is that the product of the exporter is offered to the importer. This invoice is the most practical proof of the deal which was realized between buyer and seller. When we talk about the invoice, pf means a draft. This invoice is sent to the buyer.Pro Forma

What are the Usage Areas of the Pro-Forma?

As we explained; the one of the most popular usage areas of pro forma is invoices. This invoice is a preliminary invoice issued by the seller on behalf of the buyer and showing all details of the agreement that was made. It may show any kinds of details such as type of the good, quantity, unit price, total amount, delivery type, payment type etc. These invoices, which are important for the recipient to be able to prepare, are not strictly invoices. Pro forma invoice is a preliminary draft of the definitive sales invoice (Commercial Invoice). Pro-forma is also used as a feature in the financial tables. PF income table and PF balance sheet are among the most important and commonly used financial tables. For example; when you make a pf income statement; you will predict the expenditures and the investments in the future. PF means “estimation” in these financial tables. It is also used for letters of credit. (By the importer)

Pro Forma

The Advantages of Pro-Forma

If you use a pf document; you may get some advantages of this situation. Here are some of the benefits in different usage types below:

  • You can review a company profit situation more clearly
  • You can take precautions against possible bad situations
  • The pf financial tables are important indicators for the investors
  • If it is a pf invoice; then the buyer can get some time to prepare
  • The buyer of the invoice can review the goods and services completely/clearly in detail

Pro Forma


Where can you find Templates?

When you want to create a pf document, you can use some ready templates for your purpose. A ready template is a pre-designed format of any subject. You can use pf income statement template or pf invoice template etc. Many websites provide the pf documents templates and they are free of charge! Templates are easy to use and you can finish your work very easily. They are editable and printable. Some good websites are listed below:

  1. template.net
  2. exceltemplates.com
  3. score.org
  4. brighthub.com
  5. hloom.com

Choose the best appropriate pro forma document template for your needs; download and customize it in a very short time.