Pro forma Invoice

By | October 26, 2017

What is pro forma?

Pro forma is a shipping document accompanying the international commercial practice, which is issued (executed) by the seller of the goods to the buyer for a certain consignment of goods.

The invoice contains:

  • name,
  • address of the seller,
  • name and address of the buyer;
  • Date and order number of the buyer;
  • Description of the goods sold;
  • Information about the packaging;
  • Exact designations and numbers indicated on the package;
  • The price of the goods;
  • Terms of delivery and payment.

In addition to its main purpose, the invoice can be used as a consignment note sent with the goods, as well as to verify the origin of the goods. It shows that the buyer has a duty to pay for the goods in accordance with the specified conditions.

Pro Forma Invoice

Pro Forma Invoice

What is pro forma- invoice?

A pro forma invoice in international commercial practice is a document provided by the seller to the buyer. What is important to know about pro forma-invoice:

  • The pro forma invoice contains information about the price and value of the goods, but is not a settlement document, because does not contain a requirement to pay the amount specified in it.
  • Performing all other functions of the account, it does not perform the main function of the account as a payment document.
  • A pro forma invoice can be issued for goods shipped but not yet sold and vice versa. Usually it is issued when the goods are delivered for consignment, for exhibitions, auctions, deliveries of tolling raw materials under processing contracts, the supply of goods as gifts or gratuitous assistance (in this case, can be issued only for the purposes of customs valuation).
Pro Forma Invoice

Pro Forma Invoice

Required requisites of the document:

  • requisites of the seller and the buyer;
  • description of the goods;
  • unit price and the total amount of the invoice (payment) in dollars;
  • Basic terms of delivery of the goods;

It is necessary to give the most detailed description of the contents of the package without abbreviations (namely: name of the product, its marking, material of manufacture, dimensions, technical characteristics, scope, etc.). Generalized description of the goods is not allowed.

Pro Forma Invoice

Pro Forma Invoice

Pro forma Profit and Loss Statement

The pro forma profit and loss statement is the main document used to provide a report on the current financial situation of the business.

For the pro forma profit and loss statement, the main inputs from the volumetric planning of sales and operations are

  • the forecast
  • the associated cost of the products sold.

The projected distribution of overhead costs can be more or less obtained using the plan of operations as a base.

Pro Forma Invoice

Pro Forma Invoice

With the volume planning of sales and operations, the annual process of developing annual business plans becomes less urgent. All dynamic demand / supply data will already be determined by a monthly process of volumetric sales planning and operations on a rolling horizon of 18 months or more.

Most of the necessary data we already have. Therefore, the development of the annual plan is no longer an old process of “squeezing figures”.

Pro Forma Invoice

Pro Forma Invoice


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