Triangular Trade System

What is a Triangular Trade? A triangular trade is the slave trade system which lasted until 19.yy. This is seen as one of the most important historical events in the world and is based on the purchase and sale of people as goods. Slavery had been going on since ancient times. The slaves were obliged… Read More »

The Tennis Court Oath Paintings

What is Tennis Court Oath? Tennis Court Oath is an historical event which occurred in 1789 in France.  Due to its importance, the historians they interested in the subject. Tennis Court Event is one of the steps for the French Revolution.  Because, with this oath; people aimed to consist the new constitution. The leader institution… Read More »

Quotation Template

What is a Quotation Template? A quotation template is a prepared draft of a quotation letter which is generally written as an answer to a letter of inquiry. A quotation letter includes the price information and some other conditions for the purchasing of the goods and services. It is one of the most used letter… Read More »

Professional Resume Writers

Who are the Professional Resume Writers? Professional resume writers are people who give a resume writing service in a professional way. They prepare the resumes of the candidates who want to get a job. They work as a team and are experts in resume writing field. Generally this team has been working for the years… Read More »

Where can you find a Storyboard Template?

What is a Storyboard Template? A story board template is a draft which helps to organize the images or illustrations of a video, a film, animation, graphics etc. The pictures are put in the storyboard in specific order and express the flow. A storyboard allows defining the elements which will be placed in the each… Read More »

MLA Format Template

What is a MLA Format Template? MLA is called in the long form as-Modern Language Association. MLA format is usually used in the academic projects. There are some different methods to transform the text in MLA format with the various systems such as MAC, Windows etc. You can find and apply these methods but you… Read More »

Twitch Overlay Template

What is a Twitch Overlay Template? A Twitch Overlay Template is a pre-designed format to create the overlay for the games. Normally a twitch overlay can be created by the any image edit programs such as Photoshop but it is necessary to have knowledge and more time in order to create the overlay. A ready… Read More »

Memo Template

What is a Memo Template? A memo template is a pre-designed format of a memorandum document. Their formats are ready and the users should just follow the directions and edit the given parts of the templates. A memorandum is written to inform the authorized people about a matter. Also it may reflect a diplomatic view… Read More »

Where can you find an Obituary Template?

What is an Obituary Template? An obituary template is a ready draft of an obituary document. An obituary means an announcement the death of a person. In general it is published in the newspapers. They are very special and so should be written attentively. Usually they are similar to the biographies but not as same… Read More »

What is Fax Cover Sheet?

The Usage of the Fax Cover Sheet A fax cover sheet is written to inform the fax receiver about the fax subject and the sender. This may not be always used and this is not a professional rule in the business world but it is considered as positive and appropriate behavior to send the information… Read More »