Where can you find a Microsoft Template?

By | October 28, 2017

What is a Microsoft Template?

We use templates in all areas of our life: when we want to get a job, we use CV and resume templates, when we are recommending someone to a job-recommendation letter templates, newspaper and calendar templates and etc.

We would loose a lot of time to write those things ourselves each and every time if we wouldn’t have the templates.

Fortunately, we can create templates using Microsoft. But what if you do not have any experience of creating a template or you just simply do not have time to make it yourself? Here, Microsoft gives us a hand of help!

It has ready to use and free of charge templates for its users. You may find them in plenty of different areas, like templates for:

  • Food and Nutrition,
  • Fax Covers,
  • Menus,
  • Maps,
  • Diagrams,
  • Certificates,
  • Cards,
  • letters,
  • posters and much more.
Microsoft Templates

Microsoft Templates


As you know, Microsoft have some office programs for its users. These include : Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Publisher and others. Each of these programs have its own templates.

You can find the official templates if you go to File Tab. The templates you’ll see are going to be offline and online ones. If you do not have an access to the Internet, you can use the offline ones, but, of course, it is desirable to use those that you find online, because, that’s how you have a wide range of choices of templates. Also, downloading them is very easy, you can do it in just one click.

The other way to find Microsoft Template is to go to the official website of Office and go to Templates. There you can find plenty of the template types of all office programs.

Microsoft Templates

Microsoft Templates

Microsoft doesn’t only give you choices of its application templates, but it also gives a variety of:

  • cards,
  • lists,
  • menus,
  • posters,
  • business letters,
  • certificates,
  • calendars,
  • themes,
  • notes

and plenty of other templates for variety of choices.

Microsoft Templates

Microsoft Templates

Where can you find a Microsoft Template?

As we have already mentioned, Office applications have some of their templates installed and in order to reach them follow the instructions given below.

  • -Open up the Office application
  • Click on File, and select New.
  • Search the template that wil get your job done in the search box. When you find a template you like, Click on ‘Create’.

After that  you can work on your template; you can change any colour, font and font size, replace the texts, add photo or something else, you choose.

In addition to that, if you decide that you want something different or have wide variety to choose from but still in Office format, you can find plenty of them on the internet. There are lots of websites that offer variety of printable Office templates for you, free of any charge.

Microsoft Templates

Microsoft Templates


Below you can find the websites offering you free templates editable with Microsoft’s applications.

  1. Microsoft Office – templates.office.com
  2. Hloom – hloom.com
  3. CashBoard – cashboardapp.com
  4. Stock Layouts – stocklayouts.com
  5. Up to Work – uptowork.com
  6. Net – www.template.net
  7. Pinterest – pinterest.com

Get a Microsoft template of your own choices for your any purpose now, and get your job done in short and quick steps!